We provide Subscription-based Digital Clothing Collections online. We work towards the Film; E-gaming and Fashion Industry, with digital garments in both 2D and 3D.

Where Inclusion & Circularity meet…


Storiebank is a Fashion Technology company that supplies Digital Clothes to the Creative Industries. Digital Clothes are prototypes of garments designed and illustrated in the computer. The Illustrations and Flatscetches are accompanied by something called Tech-Pack, that is, specified technical documentation which contains all the instructions on how the garments are to be manufactured in a large or small-scale factory production.

Our main service is to supply our Digital Clothing Collections consisting of 10 silhouettes per month, on a subscription base to the Creative Industries. We provide everything from Fashion Illustrations and Flat Sketches to Tech-Pack documentation. The collections are delivered in a digital E-Catalogue format (See “We Do”).

In addition to the monthly designs, we also supply a researched theme and an inspirational written story about the chosen design concept. This is part of the core service of our company, as we aim to bridge Fashion and Fashion Tech with Writing (See “Look Book”).

We believe that the two worlds will merge through language. When we understand each other, we can merge into one collaborating unit, and move forward together.

We also work towards the E-Gaming and Film industry with Private Label projects, and design prototypes for Avatars and Fictional Characters. We hope to find more collaborating industries that need digital garments in the future as well. Storiebank is a part of the DeFine Fashion Tech Network in Europe, and will be collaborating across borders to provide the best products and services for our customers.


Fashion Tech is evolving, and technology is ready to merge with fashion to transform the industry and the processes within it, to create a more sustainable future. However, for many years the Fashion and Design industry has been running business as it always has been done before. As a result, we now face huge environmental and societal consequences, that needs new solutions and new ways to approach the problems.

At Storiebank we believe that the way to create a sustainable future is through Inclusion. It is the keyword that defines our company, and why we do what we do. By changing the people driving, or letting new people get a chance to drive, new routes will appear; that may lead to a more sustainable and long-term solutions.

But, if we keep letting the same people drive that has led us to crash in the first place, we will never change the outcome. Social sustainability is part of the change that needs to happen, and most importantly the way we think around it. The path forward is together, not against each other; Regardless of what industry we are operating in.

Storiebank aims to be the place where we ask our employees, In what way can you work and do what you do best? And what do you need from us to make this happen?. If you can deliver the best you can from your ability, and share our values, we can adjust. We want to be the place where we respect each other’s differences and challenges, and work together to move forward. It won’t be paced fast, because change takes time, but we want to allow the transition to take time. If we can prove that this is a possible and sustainable way to work (both financially and socially), we believe others will follow.

We strive towards inclusion both internally and externally, and aim for it to be reflected in all that we do. So, if you feel the need for this transition and change, and you have a creative skill to bring to the table, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!