Storiebank main service is to produce Digital Clothes. We supply Ready-to-Produce clothing collections though our monthly subscriptions, consisting of 10 silhouettes every month. Our mission is to fill the gap in the market for quick Ready-to Produce garments that covers all three major aspects of the design process. Choose between different subscription plans, S, M and L

Each month we provide the following

*When you order a subscription package on at least three months


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Curious to find out how Storiebanks collections can make your life easier? Below you find our 3 different subscriptions services, and their costs. Once you have decided which package suits you or your organization best then just fill in the form and we will contact you within 24h. We look forward to working with you!


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Digital Clothes have many usage areas outside of Fashion. We also work towards the E-Gaming and Gaming Industries to design Digital Clothes for Avatars and other Fictional Characters. We also work towards the Film Industry, to design garment prototypes for characters and stories. We are open to other industries as well that are in need of digital product development.

We supply all our products digitally, with a Tech-Pack recommendation for industrial production, that is as environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable as possible. The choice on how to provide an ethical and sustainable profile within the large-scale production resides with the customer, we only advise.

The Digital Clothing Collections contain complete documentation needed to create a physical sample. We can provide this service as well through private label arrangements, but we always choose the most ethical and environmentally friendly production choice in all parts of the chain.

Ref: Original character/avatar was derived from, only the garments designed belong to