Storiebank offers three pricing options for our products and services. We divided our digital E-catalouge into 3 sections, Imagebank (Visual); Storiebank (Semi-Tech) and Productionbank (Tech-Pack). It is possible to select only 1 or 2 services instead of all 3. But we strive towards delivering a whole concept, with a complete thought; from the visual and all the way to the technical. So, it is therefore recommended to choose all 3 services.

Our introduction prices will run to the 31st of December 2019, then our tariff will change. These prices include that the customer returns the sales records per article, and if possible also a few additional key figures back to us back to us. This is so that we can learn to understand your customers better, and improve our work. This information will be provided to you before your order is confirmed.

The first option involves an annual 12-month subscription; with no resignation period until 12 months has passed. One has the option of selecting only 1,2, services for this subscription as well, but with the same requirements as the annual subscription (12-month contract).

The second option involves a monthly subscription at a higher rate, but with an immediate resignation period. If you do not want the service, you simply notify us, and the subscription will end on the day.

The third option is our consultancy fees/services. If you wish for alterations to be done in existing collections, or adding more articles, we will add an hourly fee for that work of 250EUR/h.

Private Label arrangements are confidential and will be contracted and arranged according to agreement. So there is no fixed tariff for PL arrangements.

We look forward to doing Business with you!


A 12-month Subscription with options of choosing services, but no possibility to terminate the subscription until 12-months has passed.

1995:- EUR/Month for all 3 services.

995:- EUR/Month for 1 service.


A monthly subscription that can be terminated anytime.

2995:- EUR/Month for all 3 services.

2295:- EUR/Month for 1 service.


Consultancy Services 250 EUR/Hour.

Private Label arrangements charges is to be discussed individually.