In this second part of Urban Elegance I decided to work a lot with Vintage Crepe Satin and Light Grey Silver Satin with Embroidery. The shades of greyness merged really well with the setting, and aimed to reflect humbleness.

In this section the urban attitude was toned down, and the vision was to create a space that reflected grace and elegance; but with urban people.

Malmö (Sweden), which is the city where the photo shoot took place, is a transformed city. A place that has gone from industrial to urban chic in the last 20 years. Modern architecture meets old parts of the city, and many people from all over the world lives here.

It is also a city that faces many challenges, and where more could be done in regards to integration and inclusion. But it is the city where I became me, and where these designs originate from. It is a city that gave me the opportunity to fail and succeed, and to evolve as an artist. A city that holds memories of the past and the present, and will always be my childhood home.

To me the city of Malmö became the inspiration and backdrop to creating the looks of Urban Elegance.


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