A few years ago, we could hear the term Urban Elegance mentioned in fashion, to define a look that was both exclusive and casual at the same time. Yet, is seemed to be hard to really define what the key features looked like, as many labels did their own interpretations of the theme.

The term later vanished and was forgotten. I thought it would be fun to resurrect the theme, and play around with two interpretations. Part 1, which is displayed here, involves the more casual garments that meets and merges with elements of grace and elegance.

Part 2, which involves the reversed interpretation, and an elegant silhouette meeting casual and urban style. Both define the theme on different ends on the scale, and shows how you can work around the theme to create exciting styles that fit both Casual and High-End labels.

The materials used for this collection were a Powder coloured stretch Velour that we combined with the hard and stiff material of Polypropylene. The sharp contrasts of soft meeting hard were balanced with black boots and rhine stone accessories.

The objective was to blur the line between what was urban and what was not. So, that the silhouette of urban elegance made up a whole that was to be interpreted as urban elegance.

The phot shoot images were to reflect urban attitude and humble elegance at the same time.


Here you find illustrative examples of the Digital Clothing Collections main content…