Storiebank’s internal mission is to bring our unique creative stories alive. Our stories differ in both creative form and content, with the aim to inspire. We see ourselves as the Seed of Inspiration that generates echoes of creative sparks across the globe. We work interdisciplinary together with professionals across many domains towards one mutual goal-Inclusion.

We use our creative magic to bring forward and present a Multidimensional Beauty to the world. Multidimensional Beauty is defined to us as a creative philosophy that looks at beauty from many different and multiple angles, and challenge our creative minds into making everything we get involved with as beautiful and appealing as possible. To enhance and bring forward; to highlight; to lift and empower in a humble approach, and to show rather than tell.

And in addition to this, we always thrive towards the best sustainable and ethical choices for the garments and its production, that has the lowest impact on the environment. We collaborate with local and international experts to gain insight on new materials and sustainable and ethical production suggestions.

We aim to innovate rather than imitate, and wish to enhance the existing beauty in our models and visual representation, rather than forcing it into an unnatural format.

We aspire to use a humane and diverse representation, and become the balanced meeting point that is to us as equally appealing, compared to the current industry standards. Because if we can’t show the world that beauty can take many forms, then how will the collective consciousness ever change the way they perceive what beauty is and can be?

Focus within our work should always be on creating an equally balanced and inclusive representation; and our creative teams always thrive towards presenting the best possible version of our stories. Beauty can take many forms, and the creative challenge within Storiebank is staying true to our values, and to our stories simultaneously without compromising the visual expression.

Storiebank aims to grow and become an Equal Opportunities Employer, that welcomes everyone to join whom shares our values and internal mission that Multidimensional Beauty is the way forward!