Digital Clothing Collections
Storiebank main service is to produce and supply our monthly Digital Clothing Collections consisting of ten silhouettes every month. Our mission is to fill the gap in the market for quick Ready-to Produce digital garments that covers all three major aspects of the design process.

Each month we provide the following:

Imagebank is the digital platform for our Visual services, that offers a fixed content consisting of:

– Fashion Illustrations
– Mood-board Images
– Colour Charts
– Professionally written and researched stories, that connect the garments to an inspirational context.

Storiebank is the digital platform where the Semi-Tech services of the collections are presented, and offers a fixed monthly content consisting of:

– Style sheet
– Vector based Flatscetches in Colour

Productionbank is the digital platform where the Tech-Pack services are displayed, with a fixed monthly content consisting of:

– Measurement charts.
– Full Tech-Pack documentations (Ready for Sample order or Pre-Production).